Tuesday, June 25, 2013


So hello everybody wooah looks like it's almost been a year since i didn't write here ehehehe ceh gaya cam busy gila apak hang otak dia tipu je ni.

First & foremost of all happy birthday to my most absolute fav guy lionel andres messi awwh baby you're already 26 today may god bless you & enjoy yr precious day eventho you already had a baby w tht woman i'll always love you so hard & eternally no matter what ( so sweet of me ) xx

So alhamdulillah the mid year exam had safety passed away & yeah i've been terokxxx gila vavi kena bash oleh cik mai ahahahahah looks like i've to work harder after this ( ayat poyo apak kau )

Umm sorry cg awie i can't finish yr surat 1 malaysia cause i found that this cuti jerebu is more attractive rn.

"Sometimes I feel like we are friends, sometimes I feel like we are more than just a friend  and sometimes I feel like I've never known you at all."
May i can do my very best on this second semester school & pls pray for me so tht i can be a lawyer one fine day soon ( ayat poyo ) ummm i hope tht bobo & i can continue our mission on physics again ehehehe can lah eh bobo? Muah i love you to the star lah buncit xx

Oh btw good luck to harimau selatan fr this final piala fa do yr best guys i know johor is hebat right?

Till then gbye.